Today’s B2B CMO is facing an old challenge in a new wrapper: how do you connect with buyers in 2021? Fact is, the way your buyers research, evaluate, and make purchase decisions fundamentally changed last year. This new breed of buyer is digital first and they expect to be met where they are, when they’re there, with the exact information they need to move ahead.  

CMOs that can help their teams deliver on these expectations in the right way will quickly see the benefits—boosting buyer trust, confidence, and engagement as you and your teams accelerate predictable pipeline and revenue with precision.  

The question is what is right way? Marketing teams must embrace a connected strategy that accelerates and scales demand activities while addressing prospects and customers who seek personalized and relevant information across all channels.

Join a select group of your marketing peers to learn how Precision Demand Marketing can help create the connected buying experiences your buyers want and your bottom line needs. As a new category of B2B marketing, Precision Demand leverages an omni-channel digital approach that can help you and your teams break through silos that may be blocking revenue as you connect people and create transformational B2B experiences.   

What You Will Learn

  • Discover a new way to use data for increased marketability, actionability, and compliance
  • Analyze the best practices for navigating an increasingly complex buying journey
  • The ways to hone your ICP and refine your target lists
  • The impact of using Precision Demand Marketing to better engage your ideal prospective buyers and accounts

What to Expect

  • Exclusive, Invitation-Only Executive Roundtable — intimate group of select executives sharing ideas, challenges, and solutions
  • Interactive Digital Discussion — communicate and network with other innovative leaders via our video platform
  • Digital Discussion Download — you will receive a summary of the deep-dive discussion following the event
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Deb Wolf

Chief Marketing Officer


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