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Extraordinary circumstances related to the global pandemic have permanently changed the event industry, forcing organizations to quickly embrace a new, virtual future of event marketing.

Event marketing has always been an effective way to connect brands and customers, allowing unique networking opportunities to build new relationships and develop important alliances. Although the shift to virtual was far from easy, it makes expanding customer bases and reaching new target audiences more accessible than ever.

So, what exactly does the future of events look like and will “hybrid” be the new normal?

Hybrid events will bridge the gap between virtual and in-person events, presenting participants of every level the rare opportunity to join at their own comfort level.

Whether this means physically attending a conference or enjoying the content from the confines of your home, both options are easily accessible and flexible. The concept of hybrid events continues to develop, and it is predicted that this will be a prominent solution for the remainder of 2021.

In this interactive webinar, topics of discussion will include:

  • Conveying the value of hybrid events, with safety as a top priority
  • Achieving business goals through event marketing strategies
  • Leveraging new technologies to increase virtual experiences
  • Developing highly engaging content for both in-person and virtual attendees
  • Remaining agile to adapt to unforeseen circumstances
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