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11 AM - 11:30 AM ET

KEYNOTE: The CIO Agenda for Disruption

CIOs are being tasked with helping their organizations prepare and compete in the age of disruption. Forward thinking CIOs recognize that architecting for longevity and adaptability requires a deep understanding of both today’s realities and tomorrow’s possibilities.

Join our opening keynote session to learn:

  • How to transform your business using digital
  • The steps that organizations are taking to evolve their approach to technology and remain competitive
  • The business leaders that CIOs will be collaborating with most closely to help customers

Siva BaluVice President & Chief Information OfficerYMCA of USA

11:35 AM - 12:05 PM ET

THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: A Case Study in Transformation From a Leadership Perspective: The Java SE Platform

In business and technology, the only constant is change. If the last year taught us anything, it’s that your business and the applications that run it need to be agile and able to evolve with expected, (as well as unexpected), shifts.  This session covers key considerations for IT leaders as they go through this evaluation and evolutionary process within their own teams, highlighting the challenges and opportunities for effective transformation as illustrated in a real world example.

Georges Saab, VP of Development, Java, Oracle, will discuss this topic from an IT leadership perspective and will share how he himself lived through this process during the Java platform business transformation he embarked on with his team.

Georges will cover:

  • Initial business challenges that drove the transformation process
  • Four key considerations he and his team made as they rebuilt Java’s development approach
  • Specific examples of how the Java product management team leveraged transformation strategies to improve and optimize their processes
  • Key takeaways and strategies attendees can apply to their own situations as they encounter and manage change within their IT organizations

Georges SaabVP of Development, Java Oracle

12:10 PM - 12:55 PM ET

PANEL DISCUSSION: The Playbook for Digital Transformation

Many CIOs are driving transformation initiatives and their organizations are benefiting from their efforts. They are driving cost efficiencies, increasing business agility and improving overall corporate performance.  So what are the keys to success?  What’s in the transformational CIO’s playbook?

Join this interactive panel session to learn the best practices transformational CIOs are adopting in their organizations. Learn how they are streamlining critical IT and business processes.

The discussion will explore:

  • Key factors in successful transformation
  • The processes that CIOs are optimizing and how they are doing so
  • What technologies can be leveraged to support transformation


Joshua Rockoff Chief Digital & Information Officer, Diane Von Furstenberg and Executive-in-ResidenceWunderkind Inc.


Amit BhardwajChief Information Security Officer Lumentum

Joe JohnsonDirector of ITCall One, Inc.

Bogdan OpreaSenior Vice President and CIOAgency Insurance Company

Robert PickEVP, Chief Information OfficerTokio Marine North America

1 PM - 1:30 PM ET

THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: Data Driven Digital Transformation - Washington State University

Most organizations have multiple systems that contain data that is relevant to the enterprise.  However, since these data elements are in separate data silos, there is rarely a single pane of view of the total enterprise.  The only way then is to create this single view of the multivariate data is to expose the data from each system into a data layer that accommodates all of the relevant data.  By doing so, one can run reports, deploy dashboards and most importantly, perform predictive analytics on this combined data towards an outcome that is important to the enterprise.

There will never be one system that encompasses all the services an organization needs.  Even if there is one, it is preferred to have separate systems so that one has the ability to combine the best of breed solutions to achieve the desired end.  Also, upgrades for each system become easier.

At Washington State University, the focus is on student success and hence we export the data from multiple systems into an integration layer, where we can do further analysis.


  • Why data integration is important
  • Steps necessary for data integration
  • How to drive towards a data informed culture

Dr. Sasi PillayVice President and Chief Information Officer Washington State University System

2 PM - 2:45 PM ET

PANEL DISCUSSION: 2021 and Beyond: Hiring and Retaining Top IT Talent

While the challenges presented by the current environment are vast, it is important for CIOs to stay focused on long-term organizational objectives and plans to ensure IT is prepared to keep up with the changes that lie ahead.

Join this interactive panel discussion to learn how CIOs are managing talent challenges and:

  • Acquiring, upskilling, and retaining talent
  • Implementing lessons learned from remote work
  • Building and upholding a positive and dynamic culture in their IT organizations


Anthony J. FoustGlobal Chief Information Security OfficerBelron® International


Melissa BendanaIT Compliance and Third Party Risk ManagementBlue Shield of California

Nathan NelsonPrincipal, Managing DirectorADAPTOVATE

Gregory ZeloChief Information OfficerVeeco

2:50 PM - 3:20 PM ET

KEYNOTE: Learnings from a Black Swan Year

2020 was historic in many ways from COVID forced transformation, highly contested US presidential election results, to the biggest supply chain breach multiplier-event ever witnessed.  As we look to 2021 and beyond, how must our IT & security organizations respond to keep pace with elevated risk in uncertain times.  Attend this keynote presentation to learn key aspects of:

  • Analyzing the common threads from these historic events
  • Identifying Critical Controls to protect against Ransomware & Supply Chain compromises
  • Cyber Security Digital Transformation

Roderick KalehoDirector Security & Risk - IAM, AutomationCargill


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