You know the stories: an important invoice that went missing, a fake invoice that was mistakenly paid.

We’ve all wasted time entering the same data into multiple systems, including an AP subledger, a check or online bank account, a reconciliation spreadsheet, plus the general ledger.

Automated AP solutions can help avoid these complicated scenarios. In the AP Automation Buyer’s Guide, we look at what CFOs, controllers, and AP managers should consider when selecting an AP solution:

  • Can the software adapt to your current and future workflows?
  • Will it enforce separation of duties the way you need it to?
  • What analytics & insights can it provide?
  • Does it apply AI & machine learning to reduce errors?
  • What about ease of use? Scalability? Audit trails?

Working with Proformative, we’ve collected 10 evaluation criteria for evaluating any AP automation system—along with more than 50 questions to ask your potential providers.

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