Advances in technology, evolving markets, and changes in buyers’ behavior caused by the global pandemic have created a challenging landscape for even the most seasoned marketer.

As we step into the age of innovation and uncertainty, B2B digital marketers must be able to adapt and anticipate the unexpected.

Fortunately, marketers can rely on key learnings from the past two years. Argyle Executive Forum is at the forefront of developing new digital marketing strategies to help marketing leaders drive demand and get their brands in front of potential customers.


Marketing tactics you should be using NOW

Build the best database marketing and analytics capability in your market

According to the Association of National Advertisers’ Response Rate Report 2021, the best return on investment (ROI) response rate media is direct mail with an average ROI of 112%, followed by SMS with 102% ROI, then email marketing with an average ROI of 93%.

Creating relevant marketing messages that resonate with your target audiences is imperative to leverage this kind of ROI. And with high-quality, accurate customer data, you’ll get valuable insights to create highly personalized engagement strategies and improve the performance of your business.

Be the best content marketer in your industry

Content is still king. B2B marketers have always relied on content, from white papers and technical briefs to product demos and conference presentations long before “content marketing” became the trend it is today. In fact, B2B marketers who have blogs get 67% more leads than those who don’t.

Nowadays, content doesn’t only refer to written content, but also includes videos, podcasts, virtual reality, and social media. It is important to remember that your content marketing efforts are most effective when they’re aligned with your customer’s buying journey. This is where your database insights come into play.

Create and distribute engaging digital experiences

When it comes to digital marketing, you’re not selling products or services but experiences. Successful digital customer relationship building depends on your ability to create and distribute simple, easy, and emotionally engaging experiences, such as with digital events.

Argyle Executive Forum can help you plan and manage digital events tailored to your goals, from conceptualization to completion. We offer unique networking activities to help you build beneficial relationships with C-suite or other high-profile prospects.

Marketing tactics you should be doing NEXT

Get ready for Web 3.0

It’s safe to say that the evolution of the internet is inevitable. B2B marketers need to know what’s coming next, and that’s Web 3.0.

In the Web 3.0 environment, customer experience is enhanced with rich and interactive ads and content. With big technologies like 5G, blockchain, AI, and semantic web, marketers can dive into innovative advertising and marketing that can affect purchase decisions.

Consider the new demographics

The Gen Y and Z markets continue to usher in significant changes in business and marketing. Gen Y and Z make up an ever-increasing portion of the consumer population.

In the US alone, they account for around 140 million people, or almost half of the total population. This means that, given the size, age, and earning potential of this demographic, they have the power to shape the market and make or break a business.

Marketing tactics you should be doing ASAP

Supercharge your data advantage

Privacy laws and preferences demand that you build your first-party data capabilities, meaning information you collect directly from your customers. This proprietary data can be used to create personalized, highly targeted experiences that delight customers and build brand loyalty and retention.

Refocusing your digital marketing goalposts

Defining the right goals is essential to crafting an effective marketing strategy. Paul Price, Argyle CEO & Chief Strategy Officer, believes that for digital marketing, we should be focusing on behaviors and emotions instead of attitudes and information, communities, and experiences instead of targets and tactics, and culture and context instead of branding and media. He explains it more in his webinar on the 2022 Digital Playbook for B2B Marketers.

Final Thoughts

Your digital marketing initiatives aren’t going to be effective if you don’t keep your audience in mind, especially in the highly competitive B2B space. Argyle can help you tap into these markets. As a sponsor or partner, we can help you reach your target audience wherever they are on the sales journey.

Learn more about the trends in B2B digital marketing and why Argyle is the right partner for you by joining one of our upcoming forums as a sponsor. Visit our 2022 Events Calendar or learn how you can sponsor an event here.

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