Write Once, Run Forever: Positioning for Success in Modernizing Your Java Applications - Argyle Executive Forum Events
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Despite all the changes of the past year, organizations still need to modernize and evolve business applications to protect their technology investments.  With so many choices of platform and deployment modality, the complexity can be overwhelming.

Java stands the test of time, while continuing to innovate. Java’s original tagline, “Write once, run anywhere” takes on an even greater meaning as enterprises move their Java deployments to the cloud.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • How application development has evolved and where it’s going next
  • How to benefit from recent innovations for managing complex application ecosystems
  • Methods to future-proof your Java applications—it’s easier than you think
  • Ways to take advantage of Java’s ongoing innovation in cloud-based application development
  • How to deploy faster microservices and modern application development technology



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