Observations, insights, and benchmarks for today’s B2B marketer

Event Marketing is one of B2B Marketing’s most important strategic tools because of its versatility, relevance, and capacity to generate high-quality leads.

As the leader in B2B Event Marketing, Argyle annually surveys its 1M+ members for an up-to-date perspective on their plans. The 2022 Event Marketing Survey highlights important findings and is a must-attend for any business relying on event marketing.

Join Paul Price, Argyle CEO, as he shares:

  • What’s the right mix? Peer-to-peer perspectives on preferred event channels
  • Top tactics and solutions your fellow marketers’ are looking to embrace in 2022/2023
  • How to personalize and scale content across different channels
  • Latest focus for marketing activities, spending, and more
  • Other key marketing insights you need to know

How does your strategic outlook compare? Watch the replay to gain insight into the findings from Argyle’s latest survey.



Paul Price

CEO & Chief Strategy Officer