The 2022 State of Machine Identity Management Survey is here. One key takeaway: Cryptography is critical infrastructure, essential to secure the shift to cloud, IoT devices, and zero-trust strategies.

However, for many organizations, managing public key infrastructure (PKI), keys and digital certificates is messy. Emerging certificate issuance use cases, shorter lifespans, skills shortages, and a constantly changing IT landscape add to PKI complexity and create serious challenges.

Join Chris Hickman, Chief Security Officer, and Tomas Gustavsson, Chief PKI Officer at Keyfactor as they dive into key findings from this year’s report and share their insights on:

  • Trends in the machine identity and cryptography landscape
  • Current practices in PKI, certificate management, and code signing
  • The importance of machine ID management in IAM strategy
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Chris Hickman

Chief Security Officer

Tomas Gustavsson

Chief PKI Officer

Ryan Sanders

Director of Product Marketing