When businesses look to be more innovative, competitive, or responsive to market changes, executive decisions are typically made without developer input. However, in doing that, the leadership team may be overlooking some of the best resources for new ideas.

Who knows the very applications and technologies that can power these strategies forward (or how to improve how they are leveraged) better than your developer team?

If you aren’t harnessing the creativity and knowledge of your developers as part of your business transformation conversation, you could be missing critical insights for strategy and execution.

Manish Gupta, VP of Marketing for Java and GraalVM for Oracle, sits down with Jeff Lawson, CEO of Twilio, and author of the new book, “Ask Your Developer: How to harness the power of software development to win the 21st century”, to discuss a fresh approach to solving business transformation challenges and winning in your marketplace.

Jeff will discuss some of the concepts he covers in his book, including:

  • The shifting landscape of build v. buy to build v. die
  • Strategies to unleash the valuable, creative power of your developer teams to solve business challenges and innovate more efficiently
  • How to get business leaders and developers to speak the same language—to the benefit of all
  • Why companies who can harness their innovation and creativity will outperform others and how you can start the conversation in your business

PLUS… Manish will cover how the complex application landscape can be simplified. He’ll also explore the tools that allow developers and IT executives to focus on innovation and upgrading applications at the pace of their business while ensuring critical applications remain stable.

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Manish Gupta

VP of Marketing, Java

Jeff Lawson