When the world went virtual, some HR departments failed to stand up to the gargantuan tech challenges needed to drive HR success. Even those companies who managed to mobilize HR tech to meet the demands at the start of the pandemic may now be seeking tools and strategies to grow and prosper in an uber-competitive hiring landscape.

Whether you are looking to optimize use of current HR systems or seeking the latest tools, the HR Leadership Forum: Tech Check 2023 on October 24, 2023 will give you the insight you need to make better HR system and management decisions.

From understanding which tools and processes will support your business now and in the future to proven ways to assure that your workplace continues to be data-driven and innovative, you will learn:

  • How to design/tweak a total rewards and wellness approach that will help your enterprise thrive
  • Ways to enable a more connected employee experience across the enterprise with an eye towards DEI and fairness
  • The latest HR trends and how they are shaping the future of workforce management
  • How top companies are assuring that their enterprises are future-ready
  • Ways to protect workplace data and how to comply with the latest data privacy compliance laws


Scott T. Lashway

Partner, Co-leader Privacy and Data Security Practice

Chelle O'Keefe

Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Advisory Board

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Trent Cotton

Vice President of Talent Acquisition and Strategies
Bureau Veritas

Christina A. Gasperino

Vice President, Human Resources
Florida's Natural Growers

Freda Green

Senior Talent Acquisition Partner – Equity, Diversity and Belonging
RTI International

Elizabeth Hall

Vice President, Employee Experience
Cambia Health Solutions

Andrea Herron

Head of People, HRBP/ Strategic Operations

Monique Jefferson

Chief People Officer
Community Preservation Corporation

Demetria Johnson

D&I Early in Career Partner

Quinn Knudsen

Head of People Analytics, NA

Laura Lee

Executive Coach & HR Consultant (Retired CHRO - MGM Resorts)

Stacey Lewis

Chief Executive Officer/ Chief Influencer
HR Interrupted

Rob Markovic

Global Vice President, Workforce Planning and Talent Acquisition
PHC Group