The amount of unstructured data is growing 62% per year faster than structured data. According to analysts, 80% of enterprise data will be unstructured within five years.

Protecting unstructured data is already challenging, with organizations managing multiple Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems. Backups tend to be extremely slow and many legacy solutions do not leverage the cloud much, if at all.

If you are struggling today, how will you manage your volumes of unstructured data tomorrow?

Join Argyle and Rubrik for an informative webinar to learn about modern cloud solutions to help you tame your unstructured data.

You will also learn:

  • Innovative solutions that allow organizations to tame unstructured data with high performance at petabyte scale and beyond
  • Case studies from enterprises that have implemented effective backup and archiving systems for their unstructured data
  • Options for implementing NAS systems in an as-a-service model


Kristina Avrionova

Principal Product Marketing Manager

Tony Zhou

Senior Product Manager

Daniel Chee

Staff Engineer