Sustainability is essential for business success. Most companies know why green initiatives make good sense, but many grapple with how to choose, implement and adhere to sustainable business practices.

The Sustainable Commerce Leadership Forum on November 9, 2021 brings together senior executives to share and learn the latest processes and practices for attaining resiliency and methods to transition to sustainability.

As the United States makes environmental issues key priorities (as announced by President Biden and his administration) ‘going green’ should top every business ‘to-do’ list. Attend this digital event to learn how top companies are establishing realistic and achievable roadmaps for clean, resilient business excellence.

You will also learn:

  • How to rethink key business models for max effectiveness and sustainability
  • Approaches to better understand your company’s dependency on nature, and how that dependency creates risks, and opportunities for future growth
  • What a net-zero economy really looks like and how to begin the process of de-carbonizing your business
  • How to gain company-wide buy in and green cheerleaders for sustainable practices
  • How to better manage plastic and other recyclable waste
  • Ways to make sure that marketing campaigns go beyond ‘green messaging’ to demonstrate the real outcome and effects of your organization’s greener processes and focus
  • Methods to help your organization engage suppliers in your green initiatives
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