We may be cresting the Great Resignation wave in 2022.

But in the wake of the 75.7 million people who quit their jobs in 2021 and a potential economic downturn looming, the workplace landscape is still seriously being shaken up. Leaders are reshuffling priorities, looking to retain and ignite talent with less resources, while not losing sight of their strategic agendas.

It’s imperative that organizations prioritize strategic issues and opportunities based on real-time data. With employee engagement still at an all-time low, collective intelligence creates buy-in from your team while drawing on their experiences to make mission-critical decisions quickly.

Join your senior peers and thought leaders to discuss how to efficiently revolutionize your employee engagement and alignment strategy and tap into real-time collective intelligence from across your organization.

This 5-star evening was curated for networking and meaningful conversations with other HR and IT leaders while enjoying an evening of fine wine and culinary delights.

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