Protecting databases has never been more challenging for database teams. There are more types of databases than ever before, deployed across more places than ever before, with larger data volumes than ever before.

This explosive expansion has left database teams struggling to rein in their siloed tools and automate manual processes to ensure that their vital systems are always protected.

To make matters worse, traditional tools are susceptible to ransomware, often leaving one of your vital systems vulnerable to attack.

Today’s database teams require a flexible framework that can be used to protect any database across on-premises and the cloud. This framework provides centralized management, automation, efficiency, and most importantly, Zero Trust Data Security to ensure you can always recover.

Join Justin Ruiz, a Senior Product Marketing Manager, and Aditi Maheshwari, a Product Manager, from Rubrik as they explore the key capabilities required to protect any database with Zero Trust Data Security:

You will learn:

  • How to keep your backups protected from ransomware and accelerate recovery with Zero Trust Data Security
  • How to provide specialists with the flexibility to use their own scripts while centralizing management for backup and infrastructure teams
  • Methods to automate operations to get your time back, improve efficiency and save resources


Chris Lumnah

Solution Architect

Justin Ruiz

Senior Product Marketing Manager