APIs are a powerful means to connect disparate software applications. Enterprises increasingly rely on APIs to interact with customers and partners. While API management is not new, some IT executives fail to recognize the intrinsic value of managing APIs directly.

During this IT webinar, you will learn how a top healthcare organization is managing the API lifecycle and abstracting common functions further into their technology stack.

Dwayne Taylor, VP of Information Technology at Onehealthport Inc. will explain how his organization implemented direct API management to better understand its community, create value, and meet clients where they are. He will also delve into how direct API management allowed them to understand and improve the connection lifecycle.

In this case-study based discussion, you will learn:

  • Keys for addressing the three pillars for API success – Security/Scale/Change Management
  • Tips for managing complexity – centralized and decentralized
  • Barriers to industry adoption of standards based interoperability
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Ruby Raley

VP Sales, Healthcare and Life Sciences

Dwayne Taylor, CISSP

Vice President of Technology
OneHealthPort, Inc.