Improving your contact center agent experience is at least as important as improving your customer experience. When your contact center is firing on all cylinders, it can build customer loyalty, grow your book of business and increase your Net Promoter Score.

Unfortunately, it’s very challenging to build an impactful contact center that maintains and grows your business. Contact center agent attrition ranges from 28-45%, depending on the industry, and it can take $30,000 and 2-3 months to bring a new agent up to speed.

Join Argyle and Nextiva for an in-depth webinar on decreasing the cost and impact of Contact Center attrition.

You will learn:

  • How to make wrapup notetaking, dispositioning and fulfillment flows easier and faster for your agents
  • Ways to use next generation AI to reduce agent stress
  • Methods to retain your most experienced and knowledgeable agents
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Shaun Marshall

Vice President, Customer Experience
Carismatic Brands

Norm Trujillo

Former Vice President | Chief Data and Analytics
NCR Corporation

Namir Yedid

Vice President of Product Strategy