Human Resources (HR) has, and always will be, an integral part of every organization. HR leaders have remained resilient to embrace and overcome unforeseen challenges, all while focusing on the wellbeing of their employees and company culture.

HR leadership is more than recruitment, onboarding, and training. HR is the essence of an organization, tasked with reinforcing the core values of a business and supporting the essential elements of employee morale. A stronger focus on employee success, mental, and physical wellbeing, reinforces a profound commitment to the organization’s goals.

As we enter the second half of 2021, CHROs and HR professionals consider new priorities and pinnacle goals for the remainder of the year. An emerging priority will be a larger focus on data, especially to analyze workforce performance data and develop new training and upskilling initiatives. New and existing employees will also need more support than ever, especially since remote work has become the new norm for most companies.

Join this engaging Argyle Digital: HR Leadership Forum to learn proven strategies for:

  • Investing in new technologies and tools to assess productivity
  • Maintaining company culture through virtual activities
  • Promoting employee mental health and physical wellbeing
  • Adapting to unexpected changes and remaining agile in 2021
  • Gathering and analyzing data and turning it into actionable insights
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John Brown Jr.

Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana

Paul Cabrera

Global Onboarding & Employee Experience Programs Manager

Laurel Farrer

CEO & Founder/Contributor

Dionne Harris

Vice President, People + Culture
National Restaurant Association

Daniel Kurber

Global L&D and Talent Management Leader
Spectrum Brands

Dr. Ollie Malone

Vice President, Human Resources
Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport

Matt Orozco

Analyst Relations Manager

Monica Panetta

Chief People Officer

Paul Rumsey

Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Atrium Health

Peter Sursi

Head of Financial Processing and Modernization (Section Chief), Finance Division

Pamela Turay

Senior Vice President, Human Resources
CECO Environmental Corporation

Vetri Vellore

Founder and CEO
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Trent Cotton

Vice President of Talent and Culture

Christina A. Gasperino

Vice President, Human Resources
Florida's Natural Growers

Elizabeth Hall

Vice President, Employee Experience
Cambia Health Solutions

Demetria Johnson

D&I Early in Career Partner

Laura Lee

Executive Coach & HR Consultant (Retired CHRO - MGM Resorts)