Is your application development platform performant, stable, and secure?

Managing unpredictable user behavior, increased threats to stability, and ever-present cybersecurity risks is a full-time job.

Add industry regulations like HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI and you have a perfect storm of integration concerns to contend with.

Join Argyle and Oracle for a timely webinar on how to break your DevOps and IT dev-ops and sec-ops teams out of their silos and maintain compliance in the face of managing performance, stability, and security concerns.

You’ll learn which tools, techniques, and processes are best suited for risk reductioncompliance, and continued productivity, including:

  • Ways to drive user behavior change that will reduce the sting of having to manage these pain points
  • Best practice for managing your enterprise’s data while maintaining regulatory compliance
  • How to integrate quality (performance, stability and security) in your software development process
  • How to focus on long term support in managing software and reducing risk
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Donald Smith

Senior Director of Product Management