Never has innovation and accelerated digital transformation been a more pressing endeavor for IT leaders. From choosing the right transformation tools to discovering the latest, most efficient IT concepts and approaches, the pressure is on to streamline digital transformation and propel your organization to success.

Join CIOs, CDOs, and CTOs and other IT leaders at the CIO Leadership Forum on March 28, 2024 to explore timely and practical IT topics that promise to reshape industries and fast-track digital growth.

You will learn:

  • The challenges and opportunities of hyper automation, where AI, RPA, and automation technologies converge to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and enable next-level scalability
  • Ways that top enterprises are harnessing the potential of quantum computing to solve complex problems and manage simulations that are far beyond the capabilities of traditional computing systems
  • How to uncover the transformative impact of AI-powered analytics to enable data-driven insights for more strategic decision-making and enhanced customer experiences
  • The real-world applications of Edge computing, from enabling real-time IoT analytics to reducing latency
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Melissa Bendana

Sr. Global GRC Cybersecurity & TPRM Leader
Hitachi Vantara

Liora Guy David, PhD

SVP NLP & Data Science Group

Deepak Jose

Head of Business Strategy and Advanced Analytics

Nechama Katan

Director Data Science Lead

Tolgay Kizilelma

Information Security Officer
Argyle Advisory Board Member

Dr. Nels Lindahl

Director, Clinical Decision Systems
CVS Health

Anoop Mohan

Managing Director, Cloud Products
Rockwell Automation

Sajed Naseem

Chief Information Security Officer
New Jersey Judiciary

Dr. Sasi Pillay

Vice President and Chief Information Officer
University of Nevada, Reno