Despite global economic uncertainty, IT leaders remain optimistic as they continue to evolve digital transformation efforts. Top companies are applying innovative ideas and tools (AI/ML) to new digital channels, experiences, and data-first culture initiatives.

As enterprise-wide AI/ML innovation blossoms in every sector, it is more important than ever to keep up with key challenges and trends.

The Argyle virtual AI/ML Technology Leadership Summit on April 27, 2023 will bring together AI, ML, Data and IT leaders from top companies to share real-world applications, challenges and the tools to take your organization’s digital innovation efforts to the next level.

Attend this practical and timely event to learn:

  • AI/ML data strategy and modeling (including master data management and data enrichment programs)
  • Ways IT Leaders can use AI to enable business strategy, streamline processes and improve ROI
  • The latest tools and trends in AI/ML and other game-changing technologies
Join Us at This Event


Sachit Kamat

Chief Product Officer
Eightfold AI

Nan Li

VP, AI/ML and Statistical Practice

Martin Miller

Fmr Global Director - AI/ML Production Operations
Leading Global Apparel Company founded during American Gold Rush

Alejandra Parra-Orlandoni

VP, Ethical Innovation & Privacy

George Roth

UiPath Evangelist

Vatsala Sarathy

Managing Director, Technology, Finance & Operations
Stanford University Graduate School of Business

Balaji Veeramani

Director - Cloud Data Platform Engineering & ML/AI Ops
Union Pacific Railroad

Matthew Versaggi

Fortune-5 AI Leader (fmr Senior Director of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Technology)
Optum Technology/United Healthcare


Advisory Board

We are proud to share with you the following Argyle Industry Influencers. Their contributions to Argyle help keep the programs we offer our membership current and relevant, so we can continue delivering you premiere experiences, content development, and membership engagement.

Liora Guy David, PhD

Head of Data
Ministry of Health Israel

Deepak Jose

Global Head of ODDA Analytics Solutions

Nechama Katan

Director Data Science Lead

Dr. Nels Lindahl

Operational Reporting and Analytics
Cohere Health

Anoop Mohan

Head of Product, Distributed Gen AI Platform
Stealth AI Startup