The last two years have demonstrated to leaders the importance of actively listening to their people and taking action that drives noticeable improvements.

In the new world of work, the need for managers to understand their team’s unique needs in the context of agile, flexible worker arrangements is a business imperative.

What can leaders do to hear the voice of their employees in this challenging environment?

Join Argyle and Workday for a timely webinar that will help you leverage emerging technologies to hear the voice of your employees and drive positive change.

You will learn:

  • How to use emerging technologies to deepen your understanding of what your team needs
  • Innovative ways leaders can face the challenges of burnout and the need for flexibility
  • Methods to use technology to enhance your team’s career growth and skill building


Ankita Jha

Product Marketing Manager

Gary Engelbert

Group Product Manager, Workday Peakon Employee Voice

Dr. George Margrove

Senior Principal Psychologist, Workday Peakon Employee Voice