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April 13 - 14, 2021




Innovate. Improve. Retain.

The events of 2020 rapidly accelerated the rate of digital transformation in the workforce. HR leaders everywhere need to re-reimagine the future of work – both from a technology perspective, and from a human rights perspective.

Join us on April 13 – 14 at Future Work Live – Workforce Resilience in the Age of Disruption, to learn how to adapt to change and rebuild your workforce for success in 2021 and beyond.

Connect and learn from leading voices in human resources to discuss:

  • How to leverage people analytics to develop and retain existing talent
  • How to keep your organization accountable for diversity & inclusion initiatives
  • Best practices to spice up culture initiatives in the remote workplace
  • The latest trends in HR technology to help your organization prepare for the demands of Industry 4.0
  • How to broaden your talent search to promote a more inclusive workforce




What to Expect at FutureWork Live Virtual

Connect with over 400+ leaders in human resources to discuss how to design the future of the employee experience. The two-day event will bring together leaders in the human resources network to learn about emerging trends and best practices surrounding HR technology, diversity & inclusion, and employee well-being.

Learn from Resilient Leaders

FutureWork Live brings together like-minded leaders and executives who strive to create the best work experience for all employees. More than a conference, FutureWork Live is a conversation and collaborative celebration of the most influential voices in HR today. Hear from executives to learn how to prioritize employee well-being, belonging, and to embrace change.

Drive into Industry 4.0

Prepare your workforce for success in the age of digital disruption. Discover how to better develop talent through people analytics. Broaden your horizons and learn from leaders in HR technology to explore the possibilities of adopting innovative technology to drive organizational success.

Two Full Days Packed With Content









11 AM - 11:30 AM ET

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: The People Shakeup: How Disruption Has Changed the Value of HR Technology

Technology can ignite the match to spark business and cultural transformation within an organization. As we lean forward into 2021, companies everywhere are evaluating how effective their HR technology platforms are in the modern day distributed workforce.

HR technology should be designed with the end user in mind. Implementing large scale organizational change should start with understanding how your organization can obtain maximum value from technology.

Join Christina A. Gasperino, Vice President of Human Resources, Florida’s Natural Growers, for an in depth look at the formula that sets your organization’s transformation efforts up for success.

Attend this session to learn:

  • The value of effective technology solutions on process optimization
  • How technology can play a major role in workplace well-being in a distributed workforce
  • Why it is important to view HR technology from an employee experience perspective

Christina A. GasperinoVice President, Human Resources Florida's Natural Growers

11:35 AM - 12:20 PM ET

PANEL DISCUSSION: Building a Diverse & Inclusive Culture with Talent Acquisition Strategies

Many organizations have shifted their focus to promote a diverse and inclusive workplace, but it’s not enough just to provide a blanket statement about your approach to hiring diverse talent — you actually need to do something about it.

Join leaders in the talent acquisition space to learn how you can reimagine your recruitment strategies to cultivate a more diverse & inclusive workforce.

Attend this session to learn:

  • Why talent acquisition leaders need to be engaged and trained in diversity & inclusion
  • How to leverage data driven insights to find new talent and improve diversity outreach
  • How to measure your efforts to be sure you are attracting the right talent, and measure how far they make it in the process


Trent Cotton Vice President of Talent Acquisition & StrategiesBureau Veritas


Tish Archie OliverHead of Diversity & Inclusion, North America Unilever

Candace BarnesHead of Global Diversity ProgramsRockwell Automation

Andy Chown Director of Talent Acquisition Penguin Random House

Rob MarkovicSenior Director Global Talent AcquisitionCubic Corporation

12:25 PM - 12:55 PM ET

THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: Team Spirit – Aligning HR, IT, & Communications Teams to Craft the Optimal Employee Experience

The spotlight shines bright on HR leaders to nurture an employees’ experience, but it’s vital that HR teams collaborate closely with IT and Internal Communications teams to build an employee experience practice that meets needs.

In this discussion, join Facebook executives to learn how exactly to partner with the right cross functional teams to  build a strong EX practice.

Attend this session to learn:

  • Effective communication strategies to strengthen alignment across multiple lines of business
  • Why HR leaders need to be less reactive and more proactive in their communication with employees
  • The practice of upskilling teams to evolve with rapidly advancing HR technology

Ursula LlabresExecutive ProgramsFacebook

12:55 PM - 1:10 PM ET


1 PM - 2 PM ET

CLOSED DOOR EXECUTIVE ROUNDTABLE: Building Organizational Resilience in Hybrid Teams

One of the biggest impediments to change is the inability or unwillingness for companies and teams to self-reflect on their current culture and operating models.

In this executive breakout session, attendees will be challenged to identify their archetype, and they will learn the modern best practices of resilient leaders.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What it means to be a resilient organization, and how to build resiliency in a hybrid work environment
  • How to self-identify your team and company archetype
  • The three actions that participants can immediately invest in to develop a more resilient organization

This is an INVITATION-ONLY session on ‘HR Resilience in 2021‘. Brought to you by Workplace From Facebook.

To be added to the waitlist for the session, please email  TCosca@argyleforum.com

Craig GoodfriendHead of Large Enterprise, North AmerciaWorkplace From Facebook

Rocky Ozaki Workplace from Facebook Workshop CoordinatorWorkplace from Facebook

1:10 PM - 1:25 PM ET

FEATURED START UP: Level Up – Seizing the Moment to Build Tomorrow’s Inclusive Workforce

With our heightened awareness of the need for systemic change, ensuring that every employee has equal access to corporate learning, promotions, and growth opportunities is incumbent upon all companies. If done well, HR leaders can develop a perpetual skills advantage.

In this discussion, David Blake, Co-Founder & CEO of Learn In, will walk us through his experience leading companies, building an upskilling education company, and his vision for the future of work for all. David will reflect on why we need to go beyond upskilling to execute real change via a talent infrastructure that not only removes blockers, but also builds talent inclusively.

Attend this session to learn:

  • The state of upskilling: where we are today with upskilling in the context of DE&I and why the urgency has increased
  • Evaluate your talent infrastructure: learn about specific blockers such as time, finance, and accountability to building talent inclusively
  • How to make change happen: uncover essential factors for institutional change and a checklist of ideas to immediately implement inside your organization

David BlakeCo-founder and CEOLearn In

1:30 PM - 2:15 PM ET

PANEL DISCUSSION: Social Studies: Benchmarking Performance with People Analytics

In the pre-Covid era, identifying top performers was a lot simpler. In a displaced and distributed workforce, key performance indicators  may not be as apparent as they once were.

Enter performance analytics. Although employee dashboards and benchmarking capabilities have been around for some time, it is now more important than ever to analyze employee performance to set your workforce up for success.

Attend this session to learn:

  • How performance analytics can help leaders gain real-time visibility of KPIs
  • The benefits of leveraging data-driven insights to identify areas for improvement from the employee to the manager level
  • How to use performative analytics in succession planning and change management


Lydia WuHead of Talent Analytics & Transformation Panasonic


Anthony FerrerasDirector, People Analytics Nordstrom

Brenda Kowske, PhDDirector, Talent Analytics & Insights Boston Scientific

Dante Myers, PhDVice President, People Analytics, Insights & ResearchBlackRock

Ankit SaxenaHead of People Analytics MassMutual

2:20 PM - 2:50 PM ET

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Reengaging the Workforce in a Post-Covid World

In 2020, thousands of people lost their jobs due to the impact of Covid-19. A brighter economic future is expected in 2021, which will hopefully help businesses recover lost talent.

Some industries are expected to see a ‘V-Shaped’ revenue recovery. Hospitality is predicted to be one of those industries. Currently, hospitality companies are operating on a skeleton staff, so the need for talent in the latter half of 2021 will be great.

However, many hospitality employees shifted to careers in other industries, so trying to rehire lost talent may be challenging. How can HR leaders strategize to reengage the lost workforce, and rebuild employee’s trust?

Join Laura Lee, Chief Human Resources Officer at MGM International Resorts, for an eye-opening and honest conversation about reengaging talent in 2021 and beyond.

Attend this session to learn:

  • Why we need to reimagine hiring strategies to recover lost talent
  • What the new normal may look like for the hospitality industry
  • How to engage the next generation of the American workforce to continuously develop new talent

Laura LeeChief Human Resources OfficerMGM Resorts International

2:55 PM - 3:40 PM ET

FIRESIDE CHAT : Don’t Just Check In, Connect: How to Foster an Effective Employee/Manager Relationship in a Remote Setting

Research shows that a positive employee-to-manager relationship directly correlates with employee performance, wellbeing, and retention. As if this was not already a challenging feat, the prolonged virtual workplace has made a positive relationship even more difficult to cultivate.

It is challenging to find the balance between little-to-no employee connection and micromanaging in a virtual setting. How can managers develop a stronger relationship with their employees while adhering to company values?

Attend this session to learn:

  • Strategies to emphasize communication with individual employees. What medium of communication is most effective?
  • Why a mentor mindset may be more impactful than a manager mindset
  • How to build a framework to keep company values alive and employee morale strong

Leila BrynerSenior Vice President, Internal Communications & Employee ExperienceChange Healthcare

Kristina SavoyChief Learning OfficerDistrict of Columbia Department of Human Resources








11 AM - 11:30 AM ET

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: HR Utopia: A Holistic Approach to Managing People & Technology

The future of HR is not solely human. Innovations in AI, HR technology, and data insights require HR executives to rapidly adopt new technology to be successful leaders through digital disruption.

In this eye-opening presentation, Trent Cotton, Vice President of Talent Acquisition & Strategies, Bureau Veritas, explores how leaders can bridge the gap between managing humans and technology.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How the employee experience can benefit from the integration of new technology
  • Best practices to align HR initiatives with business strategy
  • Why leveraging data, AI, and HR technology platforms is vital to drive the HR function into industry 4.0

Trent Cotton Vice President of Talent Acquisition & StrategiesBureau Veritas

11:35 AM - 12:20 PM ET

Panel Discussion: Culture Innovations to Improve Employee Engagement and Belonging in a Virtual World

The data shows that employees are more likely to succeed when they feel that they can arrive to work as their most authentic self. In the past year, HR leaders have been tasked to re-imagine how to ensure that employees feel valued and respected. Leaders also need to learn how to identify when employees may be struggling from behind a screen. What does belonging look like in a virtual world?

Join three executives in this collaborative discussion as they analyze the tools that HR leaders need to help drive engagement, belonging, and employee wellbeing in the remote workplace.

Attend this session to learn:

  • How to keep employees engaged in a distributed workforce to keep company values and culture alive
  • How to cultivate an environment where all employees can arrive as their authentic selves
  • Innovative ways to foster authentic connections amongst and managers and their employees
  • Why we need to re-think Zoom meetings and find alternatives to interact with employees


Michele Matthai Director Culture of Inclusion & DiversityRockwell Automation


Sonia Bento Sr. Director, People & CultureLogitech

Ebonee Davis IfeobuExecutive Director, Talent, Culture & Diversity Bridgestone Americas

12:25 PM - 12:55 PM ET

THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: Optimize Your People Pipeline to Transform and Future Proof Your Workforce

2020 effectively redefined work and the workforce. More than ever talent is your organization’s differentiator. In this discussion, Joe Essenfeld, iCIMS VP of Business Architecture, will explore how HR leaders can harness their people pipeline to win in the new talent economy.

Join us for a strategic conversation on how to:

  • Develop a continuous talent experience to proactively attract, engage, hire and advance talent
  • Optimize talent tools for today’s hybrid work environment
  • Curate a high-performing, digitally skilled team

Joe EssenfeldVice President of Business Architecture iCIMS

12:55 PM - 1:30 PM ET


1:30 PM - 2:15 PM ET

PANEL DISCUSSION: Battery Running on Empty: The Burnt-Out Employee and the Impact on Talent Retention

We have all heard the popular 2020 phrase, ‘businesses are forced to do more with less.’ While the concept has been largely effective for businesses in their economic recovery, the ‘more with less’ factor has led to a major increase in employee burnout.

According to a poll conducted by Mental Health America, 75% of American workers have felt burnt out, with over 40% reporting the impacts of the pandemic as the root cause.

Join leaders in talent development to discuss how to provide a pathway to motivate the American workforce in 2021 and beyond.

Attend this session to learn:

  • Defining productivity – what does it truly mean for an employee to be productive in a remote setting?
  • How a coaching vs. manager mindset can assist with employee fatigue
  • Why employee and incentive programs have a big impact on motivation


Elizabeth Hall Vice President, Employee Experience Cambia Health Solutions


Mary CarrollSVP Human ResourcesWorldVentures Holdings

Melissa LenkDirector Talent ManagementHoneywell

Maigen McLaughlin RoweDirector, Global Employee Experience Allegion, PLC

2:20 PM - 2:50 PM ET

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Culture Change from Unnoticed to Front Cover

In 2015 the City of Memphis was in deep financial challenges and was suffering from low employee engagement, high attrition and low morale due to hiring freezes as well as pay, pension, and benefits cuts. Alex Smith, CHRO, City of Memphis, was hired by Mayor Jim Strickland in January 2016 to turn this situation around and help the City to return to attracting and retaining talent.

In this session Alex Smith will detail the transformational HR journey of moving the City of Memphis from an organization on a decline to a progressive municipality leading the way. In particular this session will detail how key talent management, total rewards and diversity and inclusion strategies can work together to drive change in employee engagement, innovation and leadership.  Truly a story that demonstrates how HR can be strategic partner who can unlock innovation and drive cultural change from the inside out.

Attend this Session to Learn:

  • The benefits of resiliency in an HR organization
  • How to build an effective HR transformation strategy
  • The key components to broaden your creative approaches for HR innovation

Alex Smith Chief Human Resources Officer City of Memphis

2:55 PM - 3:40 PM ET

PANEL DISCUSSION: The Future of Work: How Automation is Changing the American Workforce

HR technology is here to stay – and the possibilities are expanding. Every year more and more companies are investing in intelligent automation to enhance HCM capabilities and reduce the demand on Human Resources teams.

Join experts in HR technology in an informative, eye-opening discussion about how automation can set up your team to be more efficient and productive.

Attend this session to learn:

  • How automating shared services can lead to greater organizational efficiency
  • Explore the opportunities of using predictive analytics to make informed business decisions
  • Learn how automation can play a major role in service delivery, learning and development, and human capital management


Sadie BellHR Technology DirectorDow Inc.


Anna Kay Rice Director, Human Resources Technology Business PartnerFrontier Communications

Ajay RajDirector, Digital Strategy, Architecture & HR TechnologyThe AES Corporation

Alex RandellDirector HR TechnologyPrincipal Financial Group

Arun SerikarDirector, Global HR TechnologyWhirlpool Corporation

This program has been approved for 6.00 HR (General) recertification credit hours toward aPHR™, aPHRi™, PHR®, PHRca®, SPHR®, GPHR®, PHRi™ and SPHRi™recertification through HR Certification Institute® (HRCI®).

  • Credit Hours Awarded: 6.00
  • Credit Type: HR (General)

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