It is easy for leaders to focus on individual tasks and outputs. Outputs are visible and easy to count, but focusing only on outputs can hide impacts, opportunities, and threats to your business. Improving your business’s goal setting, planning, and tracking processes is key for shifting your focus from tasks to priorities.

Join us for a lively discussion of techniques for goal setting that will help you widen your organization’s business priority and task focus. By attending this practical and timely webinar, you will learn how to use enhanced goal setting to reveal critical impacts, opportunities, and threats in time for your business to benefit from them.

You will also build essential skills for:

  • Using data-driven decision making to shift from focusing on outputs to focusing on outcomes.
  • Making the shift from outputs to outcomes in a decentralized, hybrid work environment.
  • Improving your goal setting/planning/tracking processes to support the shift from a focus on outputs to focus on outcomes.
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Vetri Vellore

Founder and CEO

Akash Gupta

Group Vice President
Discovery Inc