Employee expectations of the workplace are rapidly evolving, and consumer-like experiences quickly become a benchmark to measure internal support teams.

The corporate IT self-service portal touted as the cure in delivering against shift-left strategies to meet employees’ consumer-world-driven support expectations has failed to deliver on their promises.

Join us for this live webinar on June 24th  at 1:00pm ET as we bring you, experts & practitioners to present insights on the emerging shift-left strategies being adopted to improve employee satisfaction & agent productivity.

Key Learnings:

  • How (and why) traditional IT self-service portals have failed to deliver the expected benefits
  • The continued importance of self-service within digitally-enabled organizations
  • How new smart technologies offer a better alternative to self-service portals
  • 8 tips for ensuring that new self-service capabilities drive better employee experience & boost agent productivity
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Stephen Mann

Principal Analyst and Content Director

Joy Su

Senior Director, Product Marketing