The changing business environment over the past year has highlighted the need for agility as organizations revise their processes and applications at an unprecedented pace, and that, in turn, has underscored the need for business-critical application security and stability.

As IT leaders guide their teams through ongoing business transformation demands to meet business needs and customer expectations, it is critical to examine how applications are managed and how risk is calculated to drive improvement.

Join Argyle and Sharat Chander, Director of Java Product Management at Oracle, for an insightful discussion to learn how to modernize Java applications while mitigating risk.

Attend this session to learn:

  • The challenges that companies are facing today in modern application management
  • Why it is crucial to have risk management protocols in place to manage applications while businesses are undergoing transformation
  • How other companies are handling these opportunities to lower IT costs and deliver greater value to the business and to customers alike
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Sharat Chander

Director of Product Management, Java

Victoria Warrick

Conference Producer
Argyle Group