The purpose of your CX tech stack is to collect, analyze and act on customer data from one central location. Using the right technology to manage crucial Customer Service touchpoints is essential for attracting and retaining today’s savvy customers.

In fact, great CX starts with the right technology.

Join Argyle and Freshworks for an evening of food and drink in Downtown LA, as we discuss key issues, technologies, and support solutions for today’s mid-market and emerging enterprise brands.

Attendees will explore the benefits and complexities faced by organizations when choosing and implementing CX support solutions, including:

  • What to look for in an omnichannel customer helpdesk
  • How CX tech enables companies to keep better tabs on customer issues and empower support teams
  • Tips for streamlining team management, consolidating reporting, and personalizing messaging for a more frictionless customer journey
  • Methods for reducing the burden on your IT Team with cloud-based CX solutions

COVID Compliance Policy:
Argyle is committed to the well-being of our guests and adhering to the latest health and safety regulations.