You can be certain that one day, probably soon, your organization will face a ransomware attack. What’s not certain is how prepared you’ll be to handle it without losing your data or paying a ransom.

A ransomware strategy positions your organization to maintain continuity during and after ransomware attacks and minimize fallout. It is critically important to have a ransomware remediation plan in place, but what does that mean?

Join Argyle and Rubrik for a timely webinar to help you start your 2022 ransomware remediation on the right, prepared, foot. You will learn:

  • How legacy backup and recovery products pose a risk to your organization
  • Best practices for addressing ransomware threats, including immutable backups, ML-based anomaly detection, and automated recovery
  • How Zero Trust Data Security helps you achieve cyber resilience


Vir Choksi

Senior Product Marketing Manager - Data Security