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This December, DATAx returns!

Your ticket gets you a front-row seat to hear from the most innovative executives in data science to learn how the latest technology solutions can enhance your corporation’s data strategy.

Unlock your company’s data potential by registering today!

Attend this timely and practical event to learn:

  • Advanced analytics and big data: how to scale up your data infrastructure
  • Innovations in machine learning technology that will benefit your organization’s bottom line
  • Strategic initiatives in data governance to improve the quality and accuracy of your data
  • Cybersecurity tactics to protect your organization’s data in today’s heightened threat environment
  • How to improve your company’s analytics framework with the latest IoT and edge computing innovations
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How To Attend DATAx

This winter DATAx returns with TWO unique experiences — LIVE and IN-PERSON on Dec. 9th and VIRTUALLY on Dec. 15th. Both experiences give you the opportunity to network and learn from hundreds of senior executives in data science and IT operations.

Stream the Event ONLINE

Can’t attend the in-person event? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

DATAx will be streamed virtually on Wednesday, December 15. The live event will be repurposed and personalized to our online audience. You’ll get the same content, networking opportunities, gamification, and sponsorship interaction that you have come to expect at Argyle Digital events.

BONUS: you’ll also have the unique ability to ask our speakers anything in several exclusive tell-all sessions with Data industry leaders.

For information about the LIVE and IN-PERSON experience, click HERE.

Who Should Attend

DATAx Unite brings together C-suite and senior executives in the technology community. This event is the ideal educational and networking experience for CDOs, CIOs, CISOs, IT Directors, Chief Analytics Officers, Data Science Leads, Machine Learning/AI Leads, Senior Engineers, Developers, and Analysts.









11 AM - 11:35 AM ET

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Mastering Digital Transformation in a Complex Operational Landscape

Digital Transformation is changing the way every facet of business operates. Enterprises must look at both internal and customer facing operations to see how digital transformation can accelerate their operations. At the same time, it can seem intimidating for businesses to integrate new digital transformation initiatives into already complex operations.

DATAx Unite closes with a presentation on enterprise digital transformation. Join us to walk through the benefits and potential pitfalls to make an informed decision about how to drive your digital transformation journey.

You will learn:

  • How to penetrate the hype around new technologies such as IoT and understand how it can transform your business
  • Methods to assess the costs and benefits of adopting new technologies in your enterprise
  • How to mitigate cybersecurity risks to your enterprise network

Vijay RaghavanSVP, Digital Transformation and Emerging BusinessesKonica Minolta

11:40 AM - 12:05 PM ET

THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: Data Lakes & Data Warehouses

Crafting a modern data strategy to help your organization look at the past, present and future.

Today, organizations are becoming more data-driven by using their data to build new products, stay ahead of the competition and provide better customer experiences. As a result, data management and processing it for various stakeholders needs to be fast, automated and scalable.

Organizations currently collect and process the data in a manner that allows them to make decision making processes simpler, helping them gaze at the past, manage the present and predict the future.

Attend this session to learn:

  • How data warehouse supports analysis of operational system data for BI
  • Ways that data lakes support newer use cases that leverage data for machine learning, predictions, and real-time analysis
  • Why your business may need both data lakes & data warehouses

Brian C FlǕg Solutions ArchitectQubole

12:10 PM - 12:55 PM ET

PANEL DISCUSSION: Structuring High Performing Teams for the AI-Ready Enterprise

How can you maximize the efficiency of machine learning models? Structuring a high performing team is a start. Business leaders are looking to AI as the solution to their problems and are increasing the pressure on data science to perform. A sizable amount of AI solutions fail, but this percentage could be decreased if business leaders and data leaders worked together to invest in high-performing data teams. 

In this session, machine learning experts will weigh in to discuss how to properly structure teams that will embrace, enable and optimize AI solutions company wide.  

You will learn:

  • How to structure teams to maximize efficiency and minimize bottlenecks
  • Analyze the resources and talent needed to scale AI to meet business needs 
  • How data teams can properly structure data to improve quality and better implement ML models


Liora Guy David, PhDSVP NLP & Data Science GroupCiti


Sherin Mathews, PhDSenior Research ScientistMcAfee

Prasun MishraVice President (Data Platforms and EBiz)Tavant

Abhishek RajpurohitGlobal BI & Analytics LeadPayPal

1 PM - 1:30 PM ET

THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: A Practical Guide to BI Governance with Metric Insights

Business Intelligence governance is complex and ever-changing. Attend this session, to learn the key BI governance challenges and practical approaches to tackling those challenges with a BI Portal.

You will also learn how to create an effective BI governance strategy and get maximum engagement with BI across your enterprise.

Topics covered in this timely session will include:

  • Content Publishing Workflows
  • Certification
  • Metadata, Glossary & Categorization
  • Data Quality and Communication
  • Measurement & Compliance
  • Integrating with your existing Data Catalog

Marius MoscoviciCEOMetric Insights

1:30 PM - 2 PM ET

Afternoon Break

2 PM - 2:30 PM ET

THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: Data is a Hot Mess. So Let's Cook

We all know that business data can be chaotic. Often the way we deal with this complexity is to put limitations in place.

But what if we could find ways to embrace the chaos rather than fight it?

In this session, we’ll explore:

  • How modern BI governance can actually create space for data exploration
  • Lessons learned for best-practice management of the data mess.

Jace McLeanDirector of Data InsightsDomo

2:35 PM - 3:10 PM ET

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Advanced Data Security Measures for a Heightened Threat Landscape

Cybersecurity is top of mind for organizations worldwide. As ransomware attacks become the norm, data protection has become the priority.  

In this session, you will hear from an established cybersecurity leader to learn how organizations can prepare to minimize data loss and increase security readiness.   

You will learn:

  • The potential impact of aligning data and cyber security teams to improve your organization’s security posture 
  • How to strategize to address vulnerabilities associated with emerging technology  
  • Why it is important to improve compliance measures and train data teams on the fundamentals of data protection 

Amit BhardwajChief Information Security Officer Lumentum

3:15 PM - 3:40 PM ET

THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: DataOps: A Paradigm Shift for Modern Data Integration

In the ever-evolving world of the data supply chain, you have likely experienced one or more of these trends:

  • You depend on more and more data that you can’t control
  • You need to provide data at the speed of thought
  • Your digital transformation is happening faster than your data infrastructure can keep up.

As a data leader, you have pressure to do more and faster. But just how fast can you go given the enormous complexity of data, platforms and architectures today?

DataOps is an approach that can tease order out of the accelerating chaos of modern architectures, and reconcile the apparent contradiction of complexity and agility. Continuous design, operation and observability of your data is fundamental to a DataOps approach.

Attend this session to learn:

  • Approaches for keeping pace with the relentless business demand for more data
  • Best practices for managing ever more complex data infrastructures
  • Viewpoints on how to balance agility with transparency and control

Judy KoChief Product OfficerStreamSets

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