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November 16 - 17, 2021




The events of the past 18 months have underscored the power of data as a tool for driving business transformation and improving company performance. More than ever, businesses from across the spectrum are relying on data-driven insights and advancements in technology to grow their organizations and maximize ROI.

This fall, industry leaders in data science will share their perspective on how data is revitalizing the workforce and empowering organizations to make the shift to Industry 4.0.

We invite you to network and explore ways to: 

  • Unlock the potential of your data to enhance decision making
  • Use culture initiatives to build a strong data infrastructure to support business needs
  • Tap into emerging technologies that drive transformation and efficiency across a variety of industry sectors
  • Analyze the future of data-science leadership, and discover what it takes to proactively lead your workforce through a time of accelerating change

Discover Best Practices & Business Value of The Latest Innovations in Technology 

Data science  experts will convene to analyze how data science has evolved in areas like:

  • Rapid growth of IoT
  • Edge computing
  • Advancements in NLP
  • Blockchain data
  • AI driven personalization

Learn How to Build Resilient Leaders to Develop High Performing Data Teams

Navigate the future of your data operations and pave the way for the next generation of data science leadership.

  • Learn how to foster diverse leadership in your organization
  • Discover how to operationalize data and machine learning technology for maximum impact
  • Peer into the future of Green IT and how change can stem from data leaders
  • Build a data culture that can keep up with business demands

Who Should Attend

Data for Decision Makers features an ideal agenda for CEO’s, CFO’s, CDO’s, COO’s, CIO’s, CTO’s, and other leaders that are looking to find ways to streamline their data-driven insights to advance their workforce into Industry 4.0.

Data for Disrupters is the premier event for CDO’s, CIO’s, Senior Data Scientists, Senior Data Analysts, Head of Data Solutions, Head of Data Governance, Senior Data Engineers, Senior Data Architects, Data Storytellers, BI Analysts, AI/Machine Learning Specialists, and MORE.

Engage With Speakers from Groundbreaking Companies

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