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Every process your business engages in generates data. Your enterprise is awash in it- you’re probably generating data that you don’t know you even have, much less how to use. It’s easy to say that you’re going to pour all this data into a data lake and refine actionable insights from it, but what does that mean, and how do you do it?

Argyle’s DATAx Unite – Data Science Summit on January 11, 2023 will help you get your arms around your enterprise data and understand its full potential. You will also learn the most recent advancements in data science and how to integrate computer science, data visualization, statistics and analytics into an approach that meets your organization’s specific needs.

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Attend this lively and practical event to learn:

  • Key differences between data science and statistics and why they matter
  • How to operationalize data science approaches in your business
  • Data visualization techniques that have both productivity and bottom line impacts
  • How to maximize the benefits of data science approaches using limited resources


Who Should Attend

DATAx Unite brings together C-suite and senior executives in the technology community. This event is the ideal educational and networking experience for CDOs, CIOs, CISOs, IT Directors, Chief Analytics Officers, Data Science Leads, Machine Learning/AI Leads, Senior Engineers, Developers, and Analysts.


Advisory Board

Liora Guy David, PhD

SVP NLP & Data Science Group

Deepak Jose

Head of Business Strategy and Advanced Analytics

Nechama Katan

Director Data Science Lead

Dr. Nels Lindahl

Director, Clinical Decision Systems
CVS Health

Anoop Mohan

Managing Director, Cloud Products
Rockwell Automation