The last two years have resulted in permanent changes in customer behavior. Businesses have been swept up in the digital wave – and even as the world opens up (slowly), they will still continue to be carried away on its current.

To stay afloat at scale, businesses have embraced efficiency-focused, customer-centric, digital-first channels like messaging and chat, alongside making innovative use of AI and other alphabet technologies.

Join this panel discussion where we dive into how you should respond to these changes to rise above the tide and champion customer delight.

In this session, we will:

  • Discuss how businesses have – and should – adapt to the digital-first world
  • Examine trends and best practices for using messaging channels in customer engagement
  • Peer into the potential of automation technologies in 2022


Colin Crowley

CX Advisor

Sean Mancillas

Customer Concierge

Liz Miller

Vice President and Principal Analyst
Constellation Research