Less than 30% of change initiatives succeed.

To add more uncertainty, employees’ expectations have shifted to expect more from organizations. Leaders must prioritize a strategic approach to create a culture of trust, care, and execution excellence or continue in the battle for talent within the “Great Resignation.”

Join Simpplr and Argyle for an exclusive culinary experience in Palo Alto, California, as we discuss how to overcome execution breakdowns to drive transformational change all while improving company culture, enhancing employee experience and technologies that can help.

We’ll explore:

  • How to use internal communications to improve company culture, and gain happier, longer-term employees
  • How intranets have evolved and how to use them to enhance and revamp employee experiences
  • New ideas around building a more interactive intranet and how to measure communication success

This 5-star evening was curated for networking and meaningful conversations with other HR leaders on the benefits and complexities faced when re-inventing the Intranet for improved internal communications in today’s competitive landscape.

This is the ideal environment to connect and collaborate with your peers while enjoying an evening of fine wine and culinary delights.

COVID Compliance Policy:
Argyle is committed to the well-being of our guests and adhering to the latest health and safety regulations.

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