The role of IT security teams has expanded significantly over the past several years. Accelerated cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) adoption, COVID-driven work from home and innovative norms like zero trust have led to a new normal where security organizations are responsible for protecting complex, diverse environments while working faster than ever before to keep pace with the speed of the business.

Creating a dynamic security team that’s suited to meet this challenge is not easy.

In this timely webinar, you’ll hear from leading CISOs on the challenges facing today’s security leaders and hear insights on how to leverage culture and tooling to address these challenges.

You will also learn:

  • How to protect increasingly heterogeneous environments composed of cloud applications, mobile devices and the Internet of Things
  • Best practices for building a culture that encourages training and retention for your security professionals
  • Practical advice for how to grow security teams and choose tools that empower individuals across your team to move faster and deliver better protection


Leonid Belkind

Chief Technology Officer

Jason Chan

Retired. Former VP, InfoSec
Netflix (Former)