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Red alert — security threats are at an all-time high. CISOs are having to contend with a heightened risk of breach from both internal and external sources. Forward-thinking leadership at the executive level is needed now more than ever.

Connect with CISOs from diverse organizations to learn strategies for coping with sophisticated and rapidly evolving threats in today’s digital climate.

Take a front seat at the CISO Leadership Forum on April 28, 2021 to learn:

  • The top threat and security concerns for CISOs in 2021
  • How to strategize to secure the remote workforce
  • Latest tools and processes to defend against insider threats
  • Communication planning to respond to critical infrastructure attacks
  • Understanding the threat landscape surrounding offensive AI
  • How to mitigate the risk of data breach in the cloud
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11 AM - 11:30 AM ET

KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Securing the New Normal: Preparing for the Hybrid and Remote Flexible Workforce

What kinds of vulnerabilities does the hybrid workforce present? CISOs across the country are tasked with securing the decentralized force amid a constantly evolving threat landscape.

How can leaders collaborate to create a stable security architecture that is suited for the remote workplace?

Attend this session to learn:

  • Best practices for hardening technology to keep networks secure
  • How to manage various security scenarios for employees that work onshore and offshore
  • How to craft a communication plan with employees to stay accountable for risk and effectively manage sensitive information

Raj BadhwarSVP, Global Chief Information Security OfficerVoya Financial

11:35 AM - 12 PM ET

THOUGHT LEADERSHIP - Digital Supply Chain Threats – Vulnerability Mitigation in 3rd Party Applications

“Software is eating the world” is a common refrain describing the oversized influence software has in how we run our businesses. Third party software usage is on the rise, accelerated by WFH initiatives and digital transformation to application development demands.  This has resulted in the challenge for many organizations to uncover and manage the inherent risk that this code introduces.

Vince Arneja, Chief Product Officer at GrammaTech, share his insights into how to uncover and understand the risk of third party software within the software supply chain.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to analyze the risk or vulnerabilities that may be introduced if an institution were to deploy COTS products like video conferencing throughout all of the employees’ devices in an organization
  • Why you should extend the FOSS process to scan for non-source code libraries or binaries being brought into applications by your developers
  • Ways to identify vulnerabilities in third party software or purchased libraries while creating a software bill of materials

Vince Arneja Chief Product Officer GrammaTech

12:10 PM - 12:55 PM ET

PANEL DISCUSSION: Detecting Insider Threats: Hardening Controls to Decrease Internal Breach

Today’s security framework is complicated. For most large-scale organizations, data is stored using variety of different mediums on and off-prem. The physical office used to be the security “mecca” to ensure that devices and data remained secure, but the unpredictability and boundary-less landscape of the remote workplace has forced security professionals to explore other angles.

How can cyber security professionals ramp up their defense strategies to increase response to breach and reduce impact?

Attend this session to:

  • Analyze the ways that your insider threat defense plan needs to evolve in the remote and hybrid workplace
  • Discover how strategies like Zero Trust and SASE can change the way that organizations monitor and deal with security attacks
  • Observe how you can strategize to respond to internal threats more efficiently


Aaron BaillioChief Information Security OfficerUniversity of Oklahoma


Morgan ReeceSystem Director Security ArchitectureBaylor Scott & White Health

Amit BhardwajChief Information Security Officer Lumentum

Joel CaminerDirector of Cyber Security EducationNew York University

Patrick BenoitVP, Global Cyber Governance, Risk, & Compliance (GRC) / Business Information Security Officer (BISO)CBRE

1 PM - 2 PM ET

Lunch Break

2 PM - 2:30 PM ET

Keynote Address: Defending Home Base: Preparing CISOs to Combat Critical Infrastructure Attacks

Robust protection for critical infrastructure is essential to the wellbeing of any modern organization. In recent years, the list of potential cybersecurity threats has grown to include attacks on essential infrastructure. It is imperative for CISOs to identify and prioritize critical infrastructure in planning and implementing their cyber-defense strategy.

In this timely discussion, Nicholas Andersen, the CISO for Lumen Technologies and a former White House cybersecurity adviser, explains why and how managers should train their security teams to combat critical infrastructure attacks. Drawing from his background in government and in the corporate sector, he will share case insights that illustrate the potentially cascading impacts for companies that fail to properly secure key systems and assets.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to prepare your organization for critical infrastructure threats
  • What training and resources are needed to build a team that can respond to threats quickly and effectively to minimize the impact
  • What relationships are vital to developing a successful defense


Nicholas Andersen Chief Information Security Officer - Public Sector Lumen Technologies

2:35 PM - 3:20 PM ET

PANEL DISCUSSION: Navigating the Cloud: Best Practices for Securing Your Cloud Environment

Organizations across the globe have rushed to move workloads onto the cloud to enable employees to better manage enterprise data in the remote world. The migration to the cloud presents additional security measures that are often beyond CISO control.

How can executives take a step back to identify where vulnerabilities in the cloud exist, while strategizing to make continuous improvements against strengthening security threats?

Attend this session to learn:

  • How to manage risk to secure corporate data stored on SaaS applications
  • Best practices to monitor cloud implementation to maintain control of your data
  • Address additional authentication measures to incorporate into your cloud security architecture to prevent breach


Matt ConnorsChief Information Security Officer Southern New Hampshire University


Michael Dennehy Information Security ArchitectService Corporation International

Johnnie RogersDirector, Application Security Consulting Nike

Edwin CovertDirector- Security Testing and ReviewWarner Media

3:25 PM - 3:55 PM ET

KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Going on the Offensive: How to Use AI to Fight AI

AI has a dark side. Bad actors are using artificial intelligence to develop more sophisticated threats such as malicious malware and deep fake technology. Experts predict that offensive AI-driven attacks will only increase over the next few years.

Join Sujeet, Bambawale, Chief Information Security Officer, 7-Eleven, to learn what kind of controls need to be implemented to protect algorithm against algorith.

Attend this session to learn:

  • How to use artificial intelligence to identify deep fakes and other malicious behaviors
  • The best practices to upskill IT teams to respond to malicious AI to reduce impact
  • What the future of offensive AI might endure — how can CISOs prepare for the speed and unpredictability of AI-driven cyberattacks?

Sujeet BambawaleChief Information Security Officer7-Eleven



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Bob Pick is the SVP & Chief Information Officer for Tokio Marine North America Services, an organization providing shared professional services to North American businesses of the $40B Tokio Marine Group of insurance and financial services companies.  In this capacity, his responsibilities cover the full spectrum of technology solution design, service delivery, operations, and support for multiple TM Group carriers, including Philadelphia Insurance Companies and Tokio Marine America.  Prior to Tokio Marine, he was the Senior Executive Director for Technology at Condé Nast, also a shared services entity, supporting 30 additional media, cable and newspaper businesses owned by Condé’s parent, Advance Publications. Mr. Pick came to Condé Nast from PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP, where he was a Principal Consultant in their Enterprise Technology Integration practice following-on several years in PW’s risk management and audit/advisory practices.

Mr. Pick serves on the Board of Trustees of the Philadelphia Youth Orchestra, the Advisory Board of Johns Hopkins University Press, the Strategic Advisory Boards for Guidewire, Insurity and Sapiens, and the CIO Advisory Board for Blumberg Capital.  He holds a BA, summa cum laude, from McDaniel College, an MA from Cornell University, and has been CISM and ITIL certified.