The expansion of the digital world and colossal escalation and evolution of threats has changed the cybersecurity landscape forever. Most organizations have added layers of defense but defending against an ambush of more and more advanced attacks requires continuous evolution.

Every new technology breeds a seemingly limitless amount of threat actors!

Attend the CISO Leadership Forum on November 15, 2022 to learn how top companies are simplifying processes, driving cybersecurity priorities & investments, and managing the latest ransomware and cyber extortion risks.

With an eye on outcome-driven approaches you will learn:

  • Insights on establishing an agile security program
  • How to foster a human-centric, security-conscious culture
  • What a simplified cybersecurity mesh architecture looks like today and ways to simplify security across the entire portfolio
  • Why simulate now? How companies are using simulations (hacking, phishing & more) for an improved security framework
  • What’s next in detection? – Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and Extended Detection and Response (XDR)


Advisory Board

We are proud to share with you the following Argyle Industry Influencers. Their contributions to Argyle help keep the programs we offer our membership current and relevant, so we can continue delivering you premiere experiences, content development, and membership engagement.

Melissa Bendana

IT Compliance and Third Party Risk Management
Blue Shield of California

Amit Bhardwaj

Chief Information Security Officer

Liora Guy David, PhD

SVP NLP & Data Science Group

Deepak Jose

Head of Business Strategy and Advanced Analytics

Nechama Katan

Director Data Science Lead

Tolgay Kizilelma

Information Security Officer
Sutter Health

Dr. Nels Lindahl

Director, Clinical Decision Systems
CVS Health

Anoop Mohan

Managing Director, Cloud Products
Rockwell Automation

Sajed Naseem

Chief Information Security Officer
New Jersey Courts

Dr. Sasi Pillay

Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Washington State University System