ERP and Financial Management Systems (FMS) are often regarded as the most mature and developed part of the financial systems landscape. However, as innovations such as AI and machine learning become more prevalent, and the pace of change escalates, finance professionals find themselves ill-equipped and under-resourced to leverage them. In danger of being left behind, many are turning to their FMS vendors to lead the way and drive innovation on their behalf.

In this webinar, we bring together experts from the FSN Modern Finance Forum, Hilco Global and Workday to discuss if you can truly rely on a software vendor to lead your finance innovation roadmap.

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • Where can innovation make the biggest impact in the finance function?
  • What do you consider to be the role of an FMS vendor in driving innovation?
  • What are the biggest barriers to innovation success and how can these be addressed?
  • How can you encourage a culture of innovation and an appetite for change?


Gary Simon

Chief Executive FSN and Leader of the Modern Finance Forum on LinkedIn
FSN Publishing Limited

Anu Krishnan

Chief Accounting Officer
Hilco Global

Scott Moyer

Product Marketing Director, Office of the CFO