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Argyle C-Suite Summit Series

A series of practical, half day events for C-Suite executives on the key issues that drive profitability and professional success. These interactive virtual events will feature speakers from top US organizations and showcase how they have exceeded personal and revenue goals by revamping company culture, setting diversity standards and sharpening the most in-demand C-level skills. With real-life examples of tools, techniques and executive level strategies, the C-Suite series is a meeting place for senior executives searching for the next level of professional success.


C-Suite Top-Down Culture Summit

Company culture begins at the very top with C-level executives. Setting a culture that creates a unified and motivated workforce as well as communicating and enforcing a clear definition of success is not just ‘nice to have’. It is essential for determining the tone and expectations for the entire organization.

This C-Suite Top-Down Culture Summit will help CHROs, CEOs, CCOs, CMOs, CFOs and COOs recognize and address key culture issues, and:

  • Understand how the C-Suite contributes to toxic culture issues that affect profitability
  • Top culture killing communication mistakes and assumptions c-suite leaders make and how to avoid them
  • Specific measures that C-Suite leaders can use to drive empowerment
  • Which tools and processes best measure success of culture-driven efforts







11 AM - 11:30 AM ET

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Purpose Driven Leadership - Building and Sustaining an Equitable Business Culture

Do you approach every business decision with cultural alignment and purpose in mind? As leaders, it is essential that you ask yourselves the tough questions about the ethicality and fairness of business models.

Understanding how executive decisions and actions impact efforts to create a culture of equity and inclusion is the first step to making DEI a natural part of the way your organization does business. Attend this keynote session to learn:

  • How to explicitly define your culture with purpose in mind
  • Methods to tackle equity issues at the community level
  • How to apply a coaching mindset to inspire your organization to think and act equitably
  • Management-first methods to eliminate unconscious bias at every level of the workforce
  • Ivory tower insight into measuring the success of DEI initiatives

11:35 AM - 12:05 PM ET

Thought Leadership

Abstract coming soon!

12:10 PM - 12:55 PM ET

PANEL DISCUSSION: Culture Shock From The Top - How Leaders are Improving Company Culture

Strategy is your A-game. However, even the most stellar strategic plans will fail if company culture is misaligned. Culture is a critical building block for business success.

C-suite and senior business leaders set the cultural tone for the company. Failure to align culture with business objectives leads to high attrition, lower employee performance, and decreased profits. Attend this session to get actionable advice and insights on how to create an innovative and positive company culture that supports your strategic plans.

You will learn:

  • Ways that top level executives might be contributing to toxic culture issues that affect profitability
  • Proven action plans for identifying and tackling culture issues, and driving employee empowerment
  • Top communication mistakes C-suite leaders make regarding culture and how to avoid them
  • How to improve transparency for all corporate culture initiatives and goals
  • Methods to share the outcomes of culture-related efforts company-wide

1 PM - 1:45 PM ET

FIRESIDE CHAT: Technology as a Culture Game-Changer

Changing a corporate culture is not spontaneous. Every touch point on the path to a superior culture requires maintenance, reinforcement, and constant attention.

As the importance of company culture initiatives, messaging and tracking become more affiliated with the overall financial success of a business, leaders must figure out where to focus and select technology that helps them achieve their culture improvement goals.

Attend this session to learn:·

  • What role technology plays in changing a corporate culture
  • How leaders can better collect and share accurate, real-time data
  • Methods to provide and receive feedback at every level of the organization
  • How to increase overall efficiency with automation
  • How to utilize technology for measuring and reaching sustainability goals
  • Tools that allow senior leaders to recognize and reward workforce actions that align or exemplify culture goals


We are proud to share with you the following Argyle Industry Influencers. Their contributions to Argyle help keep the programs we offer our membership current and relevant, so we can continue delivering you premiere experiences, content development, and membership engagement.

Demetria Johnson has over 20 years of experience as a hands on expert in the field of Diversity & Inclusion and Talent Strategy. She counsels clients on innovative methods to maximize their workplace environment through training in talent management, integration, cultural awareness, mindful listening and inclusion.

A well-known expert in the corporate and legal community, Ms. Johnson is a frequent speaker at conferences focused on women’s initiatives, inclusive leadership, and professional development.  A former member of the National Association for Law Placement, Ms. Johnson has served as Vice-Chair of the Annual NALP Education Conference, Vice-Chair and Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Section and has also co-authored several articles for the NALP Bulletin. Ms. Johnson has also held several leadership and Board positions with regional and national professional organizations.  She served as both Historian and Board member for the Association for Law Firm Diversity Professionals (ALFDP), a national organization focused on the advancement of diversity in the legal profession.  In addition to her role with ALFDP, Ms. Johnson also served as President and Vice-President of the Washington Area Legal Recruitment Administrators Association (WALRAA), a Washington based city group for law firm and law school professionals.

 Laura Lee is the Chief Human Resources Officer for MGM Resorts International, a Fortune 300 Company. With over 20 years of Human Resources senior leadership experience, she oversees recruitment, workforce development, talent acquisition, benefits, compensation, learning and development, employee and labor relations, labor strategy, talent management and employee engagement and culture for the Company’s more than 77,000 employees and its 29 properties worldwide.

Before her current role, Ms. Lee held the position Senior Vice President of Human Resources for MGM Regional Operations.  Ms. Lee stood up the corporate, regional Human Resources operation resulting in growth from 3 to 8 properties and approximately 5,000 to over 15,000 employees.  While in this role, she led the successful workforce development and talent acquisition for the opening of MGM National Harbor in Maryland and MGM Springfield in Massachusetts as well as led the successful acquisition and integration effort of three regional casino properties in Ohio, New Jersey and New York. Ultimately, leading all human resources’ functions at the Company’s eight properties in Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York and Ohio. Ms. Lee has over 30 years of hospitality and gaming experience.

She is proud to work for a company that is committed to a diverse and inclusive workforce and tries to ensure that her efforts reflect these values. In addition to being named one of America’s Best Large Employers by Forbes, MGM Resorts has received numerous awards for its dedication to diversity and inclusion in 2019 alone.

She received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Personnel Management from Arizona State University.