You’ve built an inclusive culture and implemented top-notch workforce processes. But are you hiring and upskilling a future proof workforce? Disparate workers means that smart employers must keep their eyes on the professional development and retention prize!

This Executive Leadership Forum will help CEOs, CHROs, CCOs, CMOs, CFOs, and COOs understand what workers are seeking, how to recruit for those tough to fill roles, and how to re-invent workforce hiring, training and retention efforts for the new normal. Attend this virtual, half-day event to learn:

  • Tips for crafting and marketing your company brand inside and outside the organization
  • How organizational values drive retention and hiring sucess, and what to do if you are struggling
  • How to find and evaluate the best training and learning options
  • Real-life lessons from the workforce management trenches on re-invention of hiring related processes in a remote world
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Advisory Board

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Trent Cotton

Vice President of Talent and Culture

Christina A. Gasperino

Vice President, Human Resources
Florida's Natural Growers

Demetria Johnson

DE&I and Talent Partner Americas

Laura Lee

Executive Coach & HR Consultant (Retired CHRO - MGM Resorts)