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Argyle C-Suite Summit Series

A series of practical, half day events for C-Suite executives on the key issues that drive profitability and professional success. These interactive virtual events will feature speakers from top US organizations and showcase how they have exceeded personal and revenue goals by revamping company culture, setting diversity standards and sharpening the most in-demand C-level skills. With real-life examples of tools, techniques and executive level strategies, the C-Suite series is a meeting place for senior executives searching for the next level of professional success.


C-Suite Top-Down Culture Summit

Most chief executives are morally committed to diversity, but is it enough? Diversity innovation and execution begin at the top, and CEOs, CHROs, CCOs, CMOs, CFOs, and COOs set the diversity standards and drive company-wide change. This C-Suite Diversity and Inclusivity Summit will help C-Suite leaders understand how their actions, communications and company-wide initiatives define and sometimes derail diversity initiatives. Attend this timely half day event to learn:

  • How top performing companies have implemented top-down DEI communications and processes that effectively make change
  • Proven diversity efforts that yield readily quantifiable ROI
  • How building a diverse and inclusive workforce can impact employee wellbeing, retention, and belonging
  • Measurement and benchmarking best practices to keep your organization accountable for change


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