How does a successful edutech company manage customer requests and improve overall customer experience? With a versatile customer service system that integrates with the rest of their technology stack, as well as a healthy work environment for their agents and productive partnerships with customers. Join Argyle, Freshworks and Aeries Software for a webinar exploring the customer service system improvements that led to decreased response and resolution times and to learn how to make these improvements at your enterprise.

You’ll hear how to create a powerful customer service model that is scalable, economical and adaptable across industries.

You will learn:

  • How to handle spikes in demand for customer service
  • How transparent data can help you optimize your support processes
  • Solutions to make your agents’ lives easier, not harder
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Lara Clickner

Vice President of Customer Experience
Aeries Software

Marge Romasanta

Director, Customer Service and Support
Aeries Software

Karisa Tate

Manager, Product Marketing