One of the biggest hurdles affecting hybrid work is successful collaboration.

Collaboration in the workplace occurs when a team effectively works together towards a common goal. However, having employees in-office and working remotely can diminish inter-team communication.

Creating a robust culture of collaboration requires that companies find ways to improve relationship-building opportunities, create effective casual and formal communication avenues, and ensure they have the right tools to enable a fully collaborative hybrid workspace.

Attendees will join this session to discover how they can improve workforce collaborationavoid team silos, and implement systems and processes that will support and strengthen collaboration for all workers.  

What You Will Learn 

  • Processes, tools, and procedures to improve workforce collaboration
  • Communication strategies to maintain and improve team-building and camaraderie among employees  
  • How to redefine your organization’s collaboration avenues and assure that employees have the tools they need to connect for success
  • How to improve executive communication to increase visibility and maintain an effective connection with fully remote employees 
  • Ways to measure the impact of your communication plans to maximize results

What to Expect 

  • Exclusive, Invitation-Only Executive Roundtable — intimate group of select executives sharing ideas, challenges, and solutions 
  • Interactive Digital Discussion — communicate and network with other innovative leaders via our video platform 
  • Digital Discussion Download — you will receive a summary of the deep-dive discussion following the event 


David Hsu

North America Workplace Growth