In today’s world, providing financial services involves more than just transactions; it’s about delivering personalized customer experiences. Personalization in customer support is a key factor in raising the bar for customer experience in financial services.

77 percent of customers rate personalization as “highly important” for financial services. 77 percent of business leaders recognize that deeper personalization leads to increased customer retention–and 66 percent believe it lowers acquisition costs.

How can the financial services industry use personalization in customer support to elevate customer experience and improve customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention? Join Argyle, Freshworks and Five9 for an exciting session where our panel of experts will share their insights and experiences on:

  • The importance of personalization in customer support in the financial services industry
  • The latest trends and best practices for delivering personalized customer experiences
  • How to build a customer-centric culture that prioritizes personalization in support
  • Actionable insights to transform your customer support experience through personalization


Anna Startseva

Director - Product Marketing

Jeff Woodland

Director of Marketing