Learn how to use research insights to expand your business potential

In today’s turbulent market conditions, B2B marketing and sales teams need to keep a constant pulse on customer and prospect preferences ensuring effective outreach and engagement. 

Whether for one-off tactical purposes or long-term strategic planning, market research is a vital resource B2B teams need to stay ahead of trends affecting their business.

Join Paul Price, Argyle CEO, in this Argyle Executive Spotlight as he reviews the most important available market research techniques and trends that B2B marketers and sales teams should use. He’ll also share industry-level best practices that ensure effective market research insights.

In this 30-minute webinar, Paul will also provide guidance on:   

  • Key benefits of doing B2B market research
  • Best practices to ensure effective insights
  • Primary research techniques and trends
  • How to use your B2B market research insights


Paul Price

CEO & Chief Strategy Officer