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The preeminent leadership forum for e-commerce strategists, marketers, analysts, and innovators.

Go digital or fall behind – the future of commerce is online. Market leaders are turning their efforts towards the B2B e-commerce market, an industry which is projected to reach USD 20.9 trillion in 2027.  This model is not only expected to be incredibly lucrative, but B2B e-commerce strategists are finding that deployment of B2B models is more efficient for most buyers and sellers.

Early innovators of B2B e-commerce will reap the rewards of this growing economic market and set the stage for the digital commerce revolution in the coming years.

On August 24th, B2B market innovators will take the virtual stage to share their insights so that you can access your e-commerce strategy to achieve marketplace success.

Immerse yourself in the flourishing market of B2B e-commerce to discover:

  • Cross-industry perspectives to help your business succeed in the B2B e-commerce market
  • How to properly collect, measure, and report B2B analytics to improve business intelligence
  • Technology innovations and growth strategies to improve your market presence in the B2B space
  • How key market innovators are shaping the future of B2B e-Commerce in various industry sectors from SMB to large enterprise organizations



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