AI is changing the face of business. C-suite executives are tasked with finding case uses and applications for Artificial Intelligence that drive operational excellence. From optimizing processes to enhancing customer experiences, AI’s transformative potential is expanding exponentially.

AI’s process and optimization capabilities come with challenges. Addressing potential bias, privacy, compliance, skills gaps, evolving standards, and vetting AI solution vendors require a wealth of knowledge.

Attend the virtual Argyle AI Decision Maker Summit on June 6, 2024, to gain insights into the latest AI trends, practical use cases, and strategies to help redefine operational excellence in the enterprise.

You will also learn:

  • How top companies are using AI applications for process optimization and automation
  • Ways to enhance employee experience with AI
  • Innovative use cases across industries
  • Strategies and best practices for overcoming AI challenges (bias, privacy, skills & more)
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Advisory Board

We are proud to share with you the following Argyle Industry Influencers. Their contributions to Argyle help keep the programs we offer our membership current and relevant, so we can continue delivering you premiere experiences, content development, and membership engagement.

Melissa Bendana

Sr. Global GRC Cybersecurity & TPRM Leader
Hitachi Vantara

Liora Guy David, PhD

Head of Data
Ministry of Health Israel

Deepak Jose

Global Head of ODDA Analytics Solutions

Nechama Katan

Director Data Science Lead

Tolgay Kizilelma

Director of MS in Cybersecurity Program
Dominican University of California

Dr. Nels Lindahl

Director, Clinical Decision Systems
CVS Health

Anoop Mohan

Head of Product, Digital & Gen AI for CSPs/ Telcos

Sajed Naseem

Chief Information Security Officer, Former
New Jersey Judiciary

Dr. Sasi Pillay

Vice President and Chief Information Officer
University of Nevada, Reno