Lean forward, respond, adapt, and repeat. Most companies preach the importance of agile methodology, but few companies successfully operate with such a framework.

How can HR leaders learn to develop an agile management paradigm to achieve results in record time?

In this exclusive roundtable, HR leaders will collaborate to share aspects of their annual HR goals to discover how to implement Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to manage their progress.

What You Will Learn

  • How an agile HR framework empowers hybrid teams through self-managed, transparent, and accountable team members
  • Discover how to benchmark results to measure the performance objectives that are key to your business growth
  • Learn how agile and hybrid teams prioritize work and allocation resources in short sprints to achieve goals

What to Expect

  • Exclusive, Invitation-Only Executive Roundtable — intimate group of select executives sharing ideas, challenges, and solutions
  • Interactive Digital Discussion — communicate and network with other innovative leaders via our video platform
  • Digital Discussion Download — you will receive a summary of the deep-dive discussion following the event


Rocky Ozaki

Workplace from Meta Workshop Coordinator
Workplace from Meta

Michelle Lin

Client Partner
Workplace from Facebook