Employee experience is what it feels like to be in an organization. The goal of those entrusted with delivering a differentiated employee experience is to create an optimal work environment where everyone can flourish. There is no faking it – your people can tell if employee experience is at the center of your work environment. A strong employee experience leads to an optimal work environment where your employees and your organizations can flourish.

Join Argyle and Simpplr for a timely webinar to help you engage your employees by making sure that your employee experience is supported by the three pillars of communication, community, and connection.

You will learn:

  • How to build and reinforce the three pillars of employee experience
  • How to enable rich communications and personalized experiences
  • How to develop connection and community 





Miriam Connaughton

EX Strategist
Connaughton Consulting

Paige Leidig

Chief Marketing Officer