Your event marketing strategy shows the path from your B2B marketing events, to lead generation, to lead conversion, but is your business on the path to growth? In this webinar, Argyle CEO Paul Price will show you how your event marketing strategy can shorten your path to increased revenue. You’ll leave with actionable insights to help improve your product demonstrations, enhance your in-person networking and get your brand in front of audiences of decision makers.

Register now, and join us for an in-depth discussion that’ll help you strengthen your event marketing strategy for spring and summer 2024. You’ll also be the first the see our 2H event calendar, where you’ll find specific events to align your brand’s objectives with.

You will learn:

  • The nuts and bolts of an effective event marketing strategy
  • How to get more benefit from in-person and demo events
  • Ways that you can convert more leads into sales



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Paul Price

CEO & Chief Strategy Officer