Key tactics to drive demand and the latest digital marketing trends for 2022.

The digital world is ever-changing, as is every member of your target audience, so a huge part of successful digital marketing is staying in the know when it comes to trends.

Now is the time to not only plan for the future of digital marketing but also be prepared to take advantage of it.

Join Argyle CEO, Paul Price in this 30-minute Argyle Executive Spotlight presentation as he shares his 2022 Digital Playbook for B2B Marketers to help guide your marketing strategy.

During this critical discussion, Paul will outline the key tactics you should look to embrace to drive demand, and provide insight into this year’s most ROI-focused digital marketing trends, including:

  • State of play analysis for existing digital marketing channels like email, search & social
  • Emerging trends such as metaverse applications and other new digital platforms
  • Macro-economic and other high-level factors influencing 2022 digital marketing

Plus, as a bonus…you’ll receive a copy of our 2021 Argyle Executive Spotlight Report survey report jam-packed with exclusive insights and market observations garnered from our latest member survey of senior executives in finance, HR, IT, CX, and Data Science.



Paul Price

CEO & Chief Strategy Officer