According to our Annual Executive Management Survey, 73% of members are actively sourcing new tools, software, or new platforms, with 54% looking to implement within the year.

On September 16th, Argyle CEO, Paul Price, shared his 2022 Outlook for Marketers in a complimentary webinar to help guide your marketing strategy.

During this critical discussion, Paul will delve into our plans for 2022 events and strategic recommendations stemming from Argyle’s Annual Executive Management Survey, including:

  • Return to Office and Business Travel Intentions
  • Strategic Initiatives and Organizational Priorities
  • Pressing Challenges and Solution Needs

Paul will also present a roadmap of marketing tactics every marketer should consider to prepare for growth in the coming year.

  • Top Priorities to tackle NOW
  • What should be NEXT on your hit list
  • What to MOVE to the back burner

Plus, attendees will receive a copy of our survey report jam-packed with exclusive insights and market observations garnered from Argyle’s executive membership of senior-level decision makers at the world’s top organizations.



Paul Price

CEO & Chief Strategy Officer